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UPDATE! This auction has ended! Thank you to the winners of my 2 donated breedings, I look forward to meeting you and your mares!

The funds raised through this stallion auction go to the ranchers who have suffered unfathomable losses of pasture, cattle, equipment, homes and lives during these wildfires which have devastated TX/OK/KS and CO. This auction was a HUGE success. God bless the stallion breeding donors & bidders! To make a monetary donation please visit -

--Stallions --

by Hancocks Blue Boy of the Broken Bones Cattle Company
1998 AQHA & NFQHA registered blue roan stallion

Rebel is a very sweet stallion who is truly a gentle giant at 15.2 hands tall and 1,250lbs. He is the backbone of my program and my go-to saddle horse. He passes his great personality, versatility, train-ability, big bone & withers, build & brains onto all of his get and not to mention his highly sought after lineage and work ethic. A proven sire of over 95 AQHA registered foals in multiple countries which are excelling in many rodeo and speed events, roping, ranch use, cattle work, breeding programs, mounted shooting and trail riding events. Rebel is one of the last living & breeding sons of the legendary Hancocks Blue Boy and the only one of this lineage in New Mexico! His get are a stellar addition to anyone's program. *If you own a horse by HBR, I'd be happy to add your horse to Rebel's progeny page.
· Bloodline Percentages -
  50% Hancocks Blue Boy
  25% Mr Roan Hancock
  16% Blue Valentine
  16% Blue Boy Hancock
  14% Joe Hancock
  13% Salty Roan
  12% Red Man
  11% Quarter Hancock
  11% Eddie bred

· UC Davis color tested - E/e A/a Rn/N

 *SIRE*                                                                                                   Blue Valentine (by Red Man)
                                                                          Salty Roan             
                                     Mr Roan Hancock
                                                                                                               Baldy Joe (by Joe Hancock)
                                                                          Gila Jo Hancock
                                                                                                               Gila Girl 3
Hancocks Blue Boy
                                                                                                               Dakota Joe Hancock
                                                                          Apache Joe Hancock
                                                                                                               Estrella Azul
                                     Bluebird Hancock                                    
                                                                                                               Blue Valentine (by Red Man)
                                                                          Wyo Lady 24
                                                                                                               Wyo Lady 10 (by Plenty Coup)
*DAM*                                                                                                     Eddie 60 (by Eddie)
                                                                          Eddie Joe Hancock
                                                                                                                Miss Fly Hancock (by Quarter Hancock)
                                        Red Eddie Hancock
                                                                                                                Camp Fly Bars (by Camp Town Boy)
                                                                           Bly Fly Bars 
                                                                                                                Blue Gal Hancock
Eddie Bay Hancock                                                                                                                  
                                                                                                                Quarter Hancock (by Lowry Hancock)
                                                                           Blue Boy Hancock
                                                                                                                 Eddie 17 (by Eddie)
                                         Kathy Kitten Hancock                                                                         
                                                                                                                 Cibecue Roan (by Red Man)
                                                                            Kitty Kid Hancock                                                                             
                                                                                                                 Kid Spunky

Also standing -

JN Fine Valentine  by Leo Hancock Hayes

2017 fee: $750 

*Shipped semen available*

LFG and multi mare discounts available.

Standing in Artesia, New Mexico. A stellar 2001 sorrel stallion carrying one roan gene, a sire of great performance, arena and speed event horses. Producing gentle and willing foals with a ton of athletic ability. Available to a limited book of foundation bred, performance type mares. Foals and riding horses for sale on site as well. 

Please call James (575) 746-3179 for booking, mare care and shipped semen info.

  • Bloodline percentages -
   50% Leo Hancock Hayes
   25% Blue Valentine

   13% Leo

   13% Beauty's Dream
   13% Rip Rip

   13% Red Man
   7% Joe Hancock

   7% Joe Reed

Junior stallion -

Hancocks Salty Rebel
~ pictured as a yearling on summer range with his sire 
2015 bay roan stallion
98+% foundation
AQHA 5 panel - N/N

I'm thrilled with this cross! His dam (my favorite mare here) is 20% Joe Hancock. Rooster has everything I look for in a stallion prospect. He has an amazing disposition, good size, tremendous bone and structure, as well as natural athleticism and intelligence. He's just the sweetest guy and gentle as a lamb. I'm excited to start him under saddle in the coming years. So far, he's headed in the right direction to becoming my next sire.

  • Bloodline percentages -
    25% Hancocks Blue Boy
    20.3 % Hancocks Double
    16% Joe Hancock 
    15.2% Lowry Boy 36
    13% Red Roan Raider
    13% Mr Roan Hancock 
    11% Blue Valentine
    10% Roan Hancock
    8% John  Wilkens

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