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About us -

I have a Quarter Horse program located near Stanley and Galisteo, New Mexico. I have been involved in the equine industry for 25+ years and I believe that honesty, patience and matching the right horse with the right person/family is what creates a solid foundation for a successful lifetime partnership between horse and man/woman. I'm extremely knowledgeable in raising & handling foals/weanlings, starting young horses, as well as stallion handling & mare management. I'm also well versed in competitive speed events such as barrel racing, pole bending & roping, on down to ranch/cattle work. I have many references available upon request, if needed.

I am not a horse "trader"

Each and every horse that is raised on the ranch or visits the ranch is treated like a family member.  I take pride in the American Quarter Horse and the breed's heritage, but also have knowledge in other breeds as well. If I don't have the horse you're looking for, I will help you find your ideal horse!  I also offer my photography and advertising services. I can also help you calculate your horse's bloodline concentrations. If you have horses for sale but don't have time to advertise or aren't getting any results, let me know. If you have questions about your horse's lineage, feel free to contact me! I advertise here and on a few select websites to really get your horse's info out there to the right potential buyer, for the best results on a quick sale. Please call me with any inquiries. I'm always looking forward to meeting new people and talking horses of different breeds & disciplines. I love photography (horses, cattle, landscape, windmills, ranch work etc.) as well and am able to come to you if you'd like photos taken. Just give me a holler, I'd love to visit.

Contact Info:

Amy Sauer & Weldon Bratcher 


 [email protected] 


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    In loving memory of my father Fred Sauer 
   (March 17, 1935-December 5, 2011) 
The one who always encouraged me 
to follow my dreams no matter how hard the road may be.